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Home charging

In terms of convenience, charging each night at home is simplest.  We would recommend the installation of a dedicated EV charging wallbox, which should be fitted by Faraday Electrics Ltd

AS part of the Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme, the government will provide a grant of £500 towards Faraday Electrics Ltd installationcost. A wallbox is safer and quicker than using a domestic plug socket, as it communicates directly with the car, with charging time reduced by 30-60%, depending on the vehicle.

Homecharge Scheme (EVHS). In short form what this scheme essentially allows Faraday Electrics Ltd to do is claim 75% of the cost of the installation and materials of the home charging point up to £500 for our customers.

There is a set of criteria that the customer i.e. the home owner having the charging equipment installed by Faraday Electrics Ltd must meet to be eligible for the grant.

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